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Emilia Curatola Fernández
We’ve known each other for so long_

We've known each other for so long_ ponders on the relationship between ideology, technology and work in our recent history - and the story will be interrupted, from time to time, by the presence of a artificial intelligence.

Emilia Curatola Fernández (b.1989) is a sociologist and researcher in contemporary art and criticism of work. She holds a BA in Sociology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Lima, Perù) and currently she is pursuing an MA degree in Visual Arts at IUAV (Venice, Italy).

Pietro Consolandi
On the creative role of ideology in shaping societies

The essay is an attempt to provide a definition of ideology that, departing from the Marxian one, goes past it and embodies complex systems of ideas that physically act in changing the material world by influencing human actions on an individual level and, through a number of shared rituals and codes defined - among others - by Sigmund Freud and René Girard, on the collective network.

Pietro Consolandi (b.1991) is an Italian curator and artist, with an academic background in Contemporary History and Political Theory (BSc at Università degli Studi di Milano and MSc at The University of Edinburgh).

Magnus Andreas Holen Myrtveit
Killing the Apocalypse through Kindness
Performative Power Point Presentation

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Will the future bring empathy towards AI? Is it possible to avoid a dystopian future where angry androids kill us all claiming for equal - or at least fair - treatment between computer-driven beings and humans? Materially, robot and machine abuse already exist, and no one among the upper academia says that a robot-caused apocalypse is entirely impossible, it is philosophically important to start a discussion around questions of such nature.

Magnus Myrtveit (b. 1989) is a human being, a cluster of neurons and synapses and also an artist. Currently studying at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (MA).

Curated by Lesia Vasylchenko and Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen