19.10.18 → 19.11.18
Curated by Selma Schöttker and Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen

UNKNOW is excited to present Home, an exhibition exploring contrasting approaches to questions about location and dislocation, population displacement, power structures, definitions, migration and politics in relation to the home as an idea, and as a place. It in part features content from Rashedieh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, in which camp life is documented through strategies associated with investigative journalism. This content is paired with video work Welcome Home by Benjie Cluness, where we through a 3D-rendered apartment is presented with thoughts revolving around the domestic sphere and how it’s prepared for guests and tenants.

Artist Benjie Cluness (b.1989, Shetland) lives and works in Glasgow. His work Welcome Home (2015) concerns the rise and dominance of Airbnb and the subsequent homogenisation of middle class homes around the globe. "Listings must have character, but never personality. The renders were modelled on architectural designs of tenement buildings and photographs from Airbnb listings in Glasgow."

The exhibition is co-curated by Selma Schöttker (b. 1992, Norway), who spent three months working for the Palestine Committee of Norway in Rashedieh. All content from the refugee camp and its adjacent locations has been collected during this period of time, and includes sixteen interviews, one sound clip, six videos and fifty-six images, including photographs, GIFs and screenshots. You can read Selma’s note about the process in the exhibition page.

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